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  • [ Janurary 03, 2018]

    Institute of Clean Energy (ICE)

  • As energy is essential to the survival and development of mankind, it is crucial to solve the conflict between energy exploitation and environmental protection. To pursue a resolution to this issue, Peking University established the Institute of Clean Energy (ICE) in 2009 to better organize relevant academic groups in PKU to engage in clean energy research and development, develop and employ energy-saving technologies, enhance energy efficiency, contribute to the mitigation of domestic energy supply deficiency, decrease external energy dependence, and help innovate supporting systems for effective energy utilization technologies.


    • Research renewable and alternative energies such as solar, biomass, wind power, methane hydrate, and hydrogen to develop fundamental theories in these fields, conduct research and development in applied technologies, equipments and processes; promote technology transfer, and perform pilot demonstrations;

    • Explore the benefits of energy-saving and effective energy utilization technologies in global CO2 emissions reduction, mitigating climate change and stabilizing world energy supply.

    ICE will fully utilize PKU’s advantages in scientific research and technological development in these fields and coordinate its schools of engineering, chemistry, physics, environmental science and engineering, and international relations, etc., to integrate academic resources and talents in biotechnology, thermal engineering, mechanics, environmental engineering, energy economics, and energy diplomacy. The overarching goal of ICE is to develop into a world-renowned comprehensive energy research institute with a leading role domestically.


    Dongxiao Zhang

    Ph.D., Professor


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