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Giving To COE


  • Student Programs

The College of Engineering currently enrolls about 800 students, consisting of about 350 undergraduates and 450 master and Ph.D. candidates. You may fund a scholarship or provide financial aids to make the engineering education affordable for everyone; you may also assist students to be internationally competitive by giving to the Students Innovation Fund, the Global Educational Exchange Program and/or the Students Career Development Fund.

  • Faculty Programs

The College of Engineering currently has about 200 teaching and support staff, who devote themselves to the important education, research and administration work in the College. You may fund a Teaching Award to encourage them to continue their work, or make gifts to the Young Faculty Excellence to motivate young faculty to make further progress; you may also provide support to some outstanding faculty members in the College of Engineering by giving to the Endowed chairs. It has been one of the key priorities of the College to provide substantial support to the teaching and research in the departments and the research centers. Your gifts play an important role in responding to that priority.

  • Endowed Chairs

The donor can direct an endowment fund to any department, lab or research center to establish an endowed chair, with the profits earned from the investment of the principal used to provide annual support to the occupant of the chair.

The minimum required for establishing an endowed chair is, in general, RMB 5 million. The donor is entitled to name the chair in honor of the donor or an honoree the donor proposes and to specify the purpose of the endowment by naming it the "XXX Endowed Chair Fund" and the occupant of the chair the "XXX Endowed Chair Professor."

  • COE New Building

The Building of the College of Engineering under construction is located in the Yandong Yuan in PKU, adjacent to the Facility of School of Physics. The project is planned to cover a building area of roughly 62,730 square meters with an investment of RMB 270 million. It will consist of administrative offices, faculty offices, classrooms, laboratories, the library, the lecture hall, the equipment room and the store room, etc. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the building construction and your gift will make a visible and long-lasting difference on campus.

  • Deanship Fund

The donor can give a one-time endowment with a minimum of RMB 10 million or make regular gifts of a minimum of RMB 5 million annually within a term of 2 years. The endowment or gift will form the principal of the Deanship fund. The annual interest earned from the investment is used as grants to reward the dean.

  • Development Fund

The COE Development Fund will collect unrestricted gifts to meet the most pressing needs and guarantee the sustainable development of the College. The Fund is under the direct management of the Office of Development, which ensures the flexibility and enables the College to sustain its excellence in the changing world.



  • Annual Giving

In the form of annual giving, the donor can choose to make either one-time gifts or regular gifts for a period of successive years.

If the one-time gift surpasses RMB 150,000, or the gift is made with an annual amount above RMB 50,000 for at least 3 years, the donor is entitled to name the gift, either in the honor of the donor or a member of the donor's family (if the gift is given by an impersonal entity, it can be named in honor of the organization), or to create a memorial of a third party with permission and subject to the approval of COE.

  • Endowment Gifts

The investment of endowment gifts is managed by the Peking University Education Foundation (PKUEF). The principal of the endowment would be preserved with only profits generated from investments used to fund programs, and part of the profits can also be added up to the principal to secure a long-lasting and increasing source of income.

The endowment gift should reach the minimum of RMB 500,000 for Student Programs and 1 million for Faculty Programs while a gift of a smaller size will be given in the way of annual giving. The donor is entitled to name the endowment according to his or her will.



No matter which way you choose, the donor can sign a contract with Peking University, in which, according to the instructions of the donor, principles for the use and management of the gift and the selective procedures and evaluation of beneficiaries will be specified. PKUEF will provide professional financial management services and annual financial reports to the donor in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. After the expiration of the terms, the contract can be renewed according to the instructions of the donor.

For more information of giving, please contact:

Yongmei Li

Director of Development, College of Engineering

Tel: +86-10-62751138