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Offices and Services

Primary academic and administrative offices

Dean's Office

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Yongmei Li (Director) 62751138
Yi Zhang 62756607
Xuyun Bao (Media Officer) 62767454
Yujia Zhang (Media Staff) 62757532

General Office

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Qingping Zhang (Director) 62752812
Kangming Qiu (IT Officer) 62765965
Jing Sun 62756195


Secretary of Departments

Department  Secretary Tel (+86-10) Email
Mechanics and Engineering Science Ni Zhao 62753257
Energy and Resources Engineering Jichun Yang 82529077
Biomedical Engineering Xiaofeng Gao 62767113
Materials Science and Engineering Lixia Men 82529976
Industrial Engineering and Management Fei Xie 82524866
Aeronautics and Astronautics Xintong Li


Office of Teaching Affairs

Position Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Director Ruoshan Zhu 62757386
Graduate affairs Man Li 62759755
Undergraduate affairs Xiangqi Yuan 62758243


Center of Innovation Education 

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Yongmei Li 62751138
Sen Li 62766328
Xuyun Bao 62767454


Office of Scientific Research

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Bin Chen (Director) 62753813


Office of Human Resources

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Wen Liu (Director) 62756992


Office of International Relations

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Shanshan Zhang (Director) 62765571
Meijun Dong 62756184

Office of Alumni & Foundation Management

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Yongmei Li (Director) 62751138
Qi Liu 62757422


Office of Technology Development

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Hong Zhou 62757496


Office of CPC Committee 
Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Jing Yan (Director) 62751811


Office of Student Affairs

Name Tel (+86-10) Email
Jing Zhang (Director) 62756286
Junwei Zhu 62758721