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Dean's message

Over the past few years, Peking University has been actively pursuing its goal of becoming a world-class university. To fulfill such an aspiration, Peking University has committed itself to developing cutting-edge technologies, promoting innovation in its students, providing opportunities for young leaders to emerge, and encouraging higher academic standards. Building a leading engineering program is one crucial strategy of Peking University’s route in becoming an internationally renowned university.

In March 2005, Peking University reestablished the College of Engineering. From its inception, the College has sought to be a top-tier engineering institution. By drawing upon Peking University’s vast resources in fundamental and extensive research studies, the College of Engineering has successfully created a program that promotes interdisciplinary research. It is our hope that if provided with a broad spectrum of knowledge, the students are able to take different approaches in the pursuit of progress and development. We encourage students to be innovative in future engineering and technology exploration for the prospect of national socio-economic development. It is our greatest hope that our students will become future leaders and entrepreneurs.

The College has adopted a tenure track system to attract distinguished faculty from all over the world, including the United States, Japan, Australia, and various European nations. Thanks to our faculty’s hard work and commitment, we have already made significant strides in academic research. We are extremely grateful to all the members of our college who devote themselves to promoting better education for our students.

In addition, we have established close relationships with several overseas engineering institutions, spreading the influence and reputation of the College of Engineering. Our collaboration with Stanford University generated the Cross-Cultural Design Project, an effort to improve understanding and facilitate better relations between two distinct cultures. The groundbreaking joint Ph.D. program with Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University has brought together two outstanding biomedical engineering programs. A third collaboration with University of Southern California formed the i-PodiumTM Education Cooperation Program. We established i-Podium facilities so that students can take classes via video cameras, which foster interaction to bridge the gap between China and other nations. These partnerships have provided our students with the best opportunities to engage in teamwork and learn from each other to generate new ideas together.

Since its reorganization, the College of Engineering has received immense support from the University’s administration, faculty and students, as well as our valued alumni. We are glad to announce that a new building complex for our College of Engineering is under construction. This location will unite all of the engineering students under one roof, stimulating teamwork, spirit, and pride in our college.

I have great confidence in our college’s bright future. I’m sure our college will become a stage on which faculty and students can fully display their talents and realize their dreams.

Thank you all for your continuous support and dedication to the growth of our college!

Dongxiao Zhang

Dean of the College of Engineering

Director, Institute of Clean Energy