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  • [ December 25, 2020]

    College of Engineering celebrates its 15th anniversary

  • 2020 marks the 110th year of the birth of the “Engineering Division” at Peking University (PKU). It’s also the 15th year since the College of Engineering (COE) was re-established. On December 23rd, 2020, COE hosted a grand ceremony of celebration in Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center at PKU.

    Dozens of guests, including officers from Ministry of Education and Peking University, leaders of counterpart universities and friends joined the celebration along with current teachers and students. Many alumni and members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering also attended the celebration.

    College of Engineering celebrates its 15th anniversary

    Shuiping Qiu, Chair of the University Council, congratulated COE, reviewed the history of the engineering division since 1910 and recognized COE’s contribution in the past fifteen years in meeting the needs of economic and social development of the nation.

    Shiyi Chen, the founding dean of COE, thanked PKU’s support during COE’s initial growth when he was in position. He hoped that COE would grab the opportunity of industry intelligentization and set an example of education, research and technology transfer.

    Huiling Duan, the current dean of COE, presented the college’s development trajectory since its re-establishment 15 years ago, especially in the areas of setting up cross disciplines, faculty team building, research projects undertaking, education internationalization and fund raising.

    Jinwu Xiang, dean of the School of Aeronautics Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Yuanhao Huang, alumnus 98’ and chairman of Orbbec company, Shaojun Guo, professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Shiqi Mao, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biomedical Department also spoke on the ceremony.

    In addition, Wei Yang, member of the Academy of Sciences, gave a talk entitled “Open-style Engineering Education”. He put forward an open style engineering education prospect from seven areas, including framework, knowledge, discipline, student, platform, training and region.

    Shuiping Qiu (Up left), Huiling Duan (Up right), Shiyi Chen (Middle left),

    Jinwu Xiang (Middle Right), Shaojun Guo (Down left), Wei Yang (Down right)

    On the ceremony, the college also conferred four “Outstanding Contributions to the College of Engineering” awards to Guofan Jin, alumnus 50’, Yaosong Chen, COE retired professor, Shiyi Chen, the founding dean of COE and Dongxiao Zhang, the second dean of COE.

    Outstanding Contributions to the College of Engineering

    Before the celebration concluded, a symposium on the topic of future engineering education was held. The participants gave lots of thoughts and ideas about how the modern engineering education should be going, providing suggestions and insights for the future development of COE.

    The symposium on the topic of future engineering education