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  • [ August 20, 2020]

    COE holds a meeting for development strategy

  • The meeting for development strategy was held on August 15th and 16th in the College of Engineering, where the college administration, teachers and staff sat together to discuss the development direction for the coming academic year.


    The College of Engineering 2020 meeting for development strategy

    Dean Huiling Duan firstly welcomed the newly-recruited faculty and researchers, before giving a work report of last year. She summarized the college’s latest advancement in terms of teaching levels, faculty team building, and research institutes. Duan pointed out that the challenges the college currently faces including the construction of the new college building, the integration of disciplines, the undergraduate student enrollment etc. She invited the attendees to speak about their opinions and suggestions.

    Dean Huiling Duan speaks on the meeting

    In the following sessions, vice deans Jianzhong Xi, Ruqiang Zou, Qining Wang, Jie Song and CPC vice secretary Jing Zhang gave reports one by one on the topics of research, industrial transfer, graduate education, foreign affairs and student work. Directors of each department also made presentations about their achievements and challenges.

    The participants had a heated discussion subsequently, on topics covering undergraduate student education, office and lab space arrangement, administrative staff training and so on. After a thorough discussion, many common grounds were achieved, which would set the development direction of the college soon.