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  • [ April 22, 2020]

    The College of Engineering holds an online work meeting

  • On April 17, the College of Engineering held an online work meeting for all the faculty and staff. The meeting summarized the current situation during COVID-19 outbreak and discussed on work plans of the next a few months in this semester.

    First, associate deans Zheng Chen and Qi’ning Wang reported the recent progress and work plans for undergraduate and graduate education. The online teaching has received positive feedback from teachers and students. Later, new measures will be taken to solve the problems in organizing exams, dissertation defenses and other education-related issues.

    Next, associate dean Jie Song introduced the progress and work plans in professional degrees and international relation issues. Associate dean Jianzhong Xi briefed the opportunities and challenges in research undertaking. Associate dean Ruqiang Zou reported the work plan on premises allocation and lab safety.

    At the video conference

    At last, dean Huiling Duan called for special attention on several recent issues, including undergraduate enrollment and new faculty recruitment for this year, which is re-scheduled to start online in May. She thanked all faculty and staff for their great effort to guarantee the smooth running of the college since the beginning of this semester.