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  • [ Janurary 10, 2020]

    President Richard Miller of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering visits COE

  • On January 7th, 2020, President Richard Miller of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and Professor Ruye Wang from Harvey Mudd College paid a visit to College of Engineering (COE) and shared their views on the topic of international engineering education.

    They were warmly welcomed by Prof. Jianhua Lin, Director of Future Education Center at Peking University and Former Peking University President, Prof. Huiling Duan, Dean of COE, Professor Jianxiang Wang in the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Professor Anyuan Cao, director of Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Ms. Yongmei Li, Assistant Dean of COE.

     The meeting at No. 60 Yannan Yuan, College of Engineering

    They had discussions on how to hire and manage faculty members, such as what kind of characteristics are valued and how to evaluate and motivate faculty members. They also talked about the purpose of education and how to achieve the purpose.

    Prof. Miller pointed out that in terms of education, the purpose of universities is to give students life transforming education and form them the right attitude about life. He mentioned that Olin redesigned the admission process, bringing interested students in groups and let them work together in three weekends to help Olin as well as the candidates themselves to find out more about each other. They also offer students more interactive as well as more interdisciplinary courses to make them more active and engaged in studying things that matter. Prof. Jianhua Lin said that education should be facing the future and forward thinking, and it’s very important to encourage students to make positive changes about the world.

    Prof. Richard Miller (left) and Prof. Huiling Duan (right)

    The parties agree that the they will have further communications and exchanges in the future.