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  • [ December 03, 2019]

    Dean of Engineering from University College London visits COE

  • On November 28, 2019, Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dean of UCL Engineering, paid a visit to Peking University and met with the College of Engineering (COE) colleagues to explore collaboration.

    He was warmly welcomed by Prof. Huiling Duan, Acting Dean of COE, Ms. Yongmei Li, Assistant Dean of COE, Prof. Anyuan Cao, Head of Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Prof. Moubin Liu, Deputy Head of Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Associate Professor Jie Song and Qi’ning Wang of Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

    Ms. Yongmei Li introduced the recent progress of the College of Engineering since its re-establishment in 2005, in terms of its mission and vision, departments, research centers, undergraduate programs and graduate programs, faculty recruitment, research interests and outcome, innovation and technology transfer, especially its international partnership with a large number of universities in the globe. Prof. Qi’ning Wang talked about his research in the rehabilitation facilities for the disabled and COE’s plan to setup a new department of advanced manufacturing and robotics.

    Titchener-Hooker expressed great interest in the progress of COE in recent years before introducing the UCL Engineering. He mentioned that UCL engineering education was founded in 1827, and is now home to some of the most successful engineering departments in the UK. As the biggest faculty in UCL, it comprises of ten departments, including biochemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic, public policy, management, as well as security and crime. It’s also very international, with students and staff from 131 nations.

    Both parties agree that the two schools will have further communications and exchanges in the future.

    Before meeting up with the College of Engineering colleagues, the delegation from UCL, headed by Professor Michael Arthur, UCL President and Provost, met up with Prof. Ping Hao, President of PKU, Prof. Gang Tian, Vice President of PKU, and others. The two universities signed an MOU for Collaboration.

    Group photo