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  • [ November 21, 2019]

    2019 International Conference on Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Therapy held at PKU

  • From October 18 to 23, 2019 International Conference on Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Therapy was held in the Lakeview Hotel. The conference was organized by College of Engineering, Peking University and Peking University Third Hospital. More than a thousand experts, scholars, graduate students and entrepreneurs from 19 countries and districts attended the conference.

    The conference focused on the latest development in molecular imaging and medical ultrasound and discussed about the application of minimally invasive therapy, genetic therapy and immunotherapy in neoplasm and other major diseases. It was carried out in the format of conference report, keynote talk, plenary talk, poster, practical seminar and round table. Under the witness of the experts, the Imaging Technology Branch of China Medical Biotech Association was established which would accelerate the development of medical imaging in China. Zhifei Dai, professor in College of Engineering, Peking University, was elected as the chairman of the first committee.

    The opening ceremony was cohosted by Professor Zhifei Dai and Professor Ligang Cui of Peking University Third Hospital. President of Peking University Third Hospital gave the opening speech. They all warmly welcomed and sincerely thanked the guests.

    The opening ceremony

    The conference invited 12 Chinese and overseas top experts to conduct conference reports on different topics and research fields. 

    The conference reports

    In the panel sessions, experts and scholars from the globe gave keynote talks, plenary talks and oral reports that covered the topics of ultrasonic, optical, photoacoustic, nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear medical and multimodal molecular imaging, and the researches in drug discovery, gene therapy, immunotherapy and cellular tracking, and the clinical practice of minimally invasive surgery, sonodynamic and photodynamic therapy, tumor radiofrequency/laser/microwave/ HIFU ablation and particle therapy and laparoscopy.

    The round table meeting was hosted by Professor Zhifei Dai. Participating experts include Benzhong Tang, Bernd Hamm, Vasilis Ntziachristos, Wolfgang J. Parak, Vincent M. Rotello, Nancy K. Man, Baran D. Sumer, Beate Röder, Jan van Hess, Ligang Cui and so on. They discussed and reached a consensus on the latest progress of molecular imaging and summarized the crucial scientific problems when applying in minimal invasive therapy, gene therapy, cell therapy and immunotherapy.

    The conference had set up American Chemical Society Bioconjugate Chemistry the Best Poster Award which was obtained by scholars from six Chinese universities and research institutes. The award ceremony was hosted by Dr. Xiaolong Liang of Peking University Third Hospital and was presented by Professor Vincent M. Rotello, editor of Bioconjugate Chemistry, Professor Gang Zheng of University of Toronto and other experts.

    BC the Best Poster Award

    International Conference on Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Therapy was co-established by Professor Zhifei Dai and Professor Ligang Cui, which provides an international communication platform for experts, scholars, graduate students, entrepreneurs and clinicians, and has effectively promoted interdisciplinary cooperation.

    Source: PKU news