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  • [ October 30, 2019]

    Prof. Yufeng Zheng honored the Fourth "Top Ten Tutors" of Peking University

  • On October 15, the 4th "Top Ten Tutors" selection of Peking University was successfully held in the Sunshine Hall of the Peking University Overseas Exchange Center. After the overall defense of the candidate tutor team, the expert judges and the student judges voted rigorously. Professor Yufeng Zheng of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the College of Engineering, together with other 9 teachers, won the honorary title of the Fourth "Top Ten Tutors" of Peking University.

    The 4th "Top Ten Tutors" selection of Peking University

    This year’s selection of the "Top Ten Mentors" was officially launched in April 2019. In the preliminary evaluation, 10 tutors from the university main campus and 3 tutors from the Health Science Center were selected for final evaluation and defense, after going through the procedure of department recommendation, online voting and on-site voting.

    In the process of final evaluation and defense, the representatives of each tutor team, demonstrated the candidate tutors with dialogues, videos and other ways from many aspects, such as the notion of being a teacher, the style of teachers, the achievements of teachers, the quotations of teachers and so on.

    The selection also added a question and answer session, which reflected the elegant demeanor and achievements of the excellent tutor team more comprehensively. For each team, they were asked rigorously by the expert judges in this session.

    Demonstration of Prof. Yufeng Zheng

    The final evaluation and defense session is composed of 6 expert judges and 100 student judges. The number of student judges of each college is decided according to the proportion of graduate students in each college, and the enrollment is organized by the Postgraduate Student Union of each college and department. Adhering to the basic principle of "openness, fairness and justice", the list of "Top Ten Tutors" was finally produced by means of voting and counting votes.

    The "Top Ten Tutors" selection activity aims to provide a big stage for all teachers and students and to honor excellent tutors and their teams, as well as promoting their spirits. Tutors that were awarded were the ones who showed the devotion to family and country and had the vision of globalization. What’s more, they have the fighting spirit of "looking up to the stars and being down-to-earth". They devoted themselves to scientific research and as a result of this they got a great number of outstanding deeds and achievements. The selection activity also encourages students to persist in innovation and work hard to be first-class scholars.

    The Laboratory of Biomedical Materials and Devices (LBMD) at the College of Engineering (COE) of Peking University (PKU) is an interdisciplinary research group initiated and leaded by Professor Yufeng Zheng since 2004. They work extensively on the biomedical materials and their applications in dentistry, orthopedics and interventional therapy.