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  • [ October 29, 2019]

    Prof. Charles R. Smith of Lehigh University visited the LTCS

  • Prof. Charles R. Smith of Lehigh University recently visited the Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Systems (LTCS), which is his second visit to the LTCS from 2017.

    Dr. Smith is an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Lehigh University, and is internationally recognized for his research in fluid mechanics, particularly the areas of turbulent flow, unsteady flow effects, fluid and thermal flow visualization techniques, and flow mixing and conditioning.

    On the afternoon of October 25th, Prof. Smith gave a seminar titled Fluid Dynamics and Surface Heat Transfer Visualization of Bounded Turbulent Flows. The flow behavior and structure are examined in a water flow using hydrogen bubble, PIV, and liquid crystal temperature sensing. The results reveal the development and evolution of the flow structure and heat transfer for a turbulent boundary layer and the end-wall juncture region of bluff bodies with turbulent boundary layers. Prof. Smith gave a detailed explanation with pictures and animations to deep our understanding of vortex development and interactions.

    Prof. Smith delivering the lecture

    After the lecture, LTCS faculty and students had stimulating discussions with Prof. Smith. From October 14th to 25th, Prof. Smith had many discussions on turbulence with LTCS faculty and students.