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  • [ September 12, 2019]

    COE warmly welcomes freshmen of 2019

  • The College of Engineering (COE) held a welcome ceremony for the freshmen of 2019 on Sunday, September 8th.

    The ceremony venue

    The ceremony, taking place in the Sunny Hall of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center, got together many of COE administrative leaders, faculty members, students and alumni to meet with the new entrants, a total of over 400 undergraduates, master and Ph.D. new students. The ceremony was hosted by Ms. Jing Zhang, deputy secretary of COE.

    “National Scholarship”winners in the last academic year

    At the beginning of the ceremony, students who have won the “National Scholarship” last year received their awards in front of the audience.

    After that, undergraduate freshman Jiaqi Cui and first-year graduate student representative Lujia Jin spoke in front of the audience. They expressed excitement of joining the new college, and wished a fruitful new stage of life during the following several years of study.

    Teacher Shaoqiang Tang and alumnus Qing Zhou speak at the ceremony

    Teacher Shaoqiang Tang, professor and director in the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, COE, gave several practical suggestions to the freshmen. He encouraged them not only to study mathematics, engineering, English and computer sciences, but also learned how to study and apply what has been learned. He hoped that they will find out the way to serve contemporary science and the future world.

    COE alumnus Qing Zhou (1988’), professor in School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University, delivered an inspiring speech to the young generation. “Don’t be anxious because of the pressure brought by rapid changes in this era, but focus on what you are doing and do it brilliantly”, said he, “work hard continuously and you will make good achievement.”

    Associate Dean Huiling Duan welcomes the new entrants

    Finally, Professor Huiling Duan, associate dean of COE, congratulated the students and reviewed the fast development of COE in the past few years. “We aim to provide the best educational environment for students to reach their full potential in the study of engineering science and as individuals. I hope you will make good use of your time at your golden age, and do important things while boosting your ability of independent thinking,” said Duan.