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  • [ October 16, 2019]

    Dr. Florin Mingireanu, Romania’s Representative of European Space Agency visited LTCS

  • Recently, Dr. Florin Mingireanu from the European Space Agency visited the State Key Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Systems (LTCS).

    Dr. Florin Mingireanu is currently Romania's Representative at the European Space Agency on Programme Board Launchers. His research team at the Bureau of Aerospace Technology (X-BAT) has undertaken various projects in the areas of rocket motor design, high altitude/high speed UAVs, guided missiles and lifting bodies. His current technical interests are in the fields of propulsion and flight dynamics.

    On the afternoon of October 10th, Dr. Florin Mingireanu gave a seminar titled High Altitude UAV. Dr. Florin Mingireanu introduced the high altitude UAV that his team has developed during the past 5 years. This is a research contract under the European Space Agency and aimed at designing, building and test flying a high altitude UAV capable of reaching 35 km altitude. He demonstrated the flight test of the high altitude UAV through video and presented both the theory behind the project as well as some test flight data.

    Dr. Florin Mingireanu delivering the lecture

    After lecture, LTCS faculty and students had stimulating discussions with Dr. Florin Mingireanu.