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  • [ June 27, 2019]

    The Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. Yan Yang published in Springer

  • Recently, the Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. Yan Yang who has graduated from the State Key Laboratory of Turbulence and Complex Systems in the College of Engineering was officially published in Springer.

    Dr. Yan Yang and the cover of her Ph.D. dissertation

    Yang obtained her Bachelor’s degree from College of Engineering in 2012, before continuing to pursue a Ph.D. degree in fluid mechanics in the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, supervised by Prof. Shiyi Chen and Yipeng Shi.

    During her doctoral studies, Yang had exchanges at the University of Delaware for two years. Yan Yang's main research direction is magnetohydrodynamics turbulence, solar wind and plasma turbulence. Her research on energy transfer and dissipation in plasma turbulence is the core frontier of space physics.

    Having published her research outcomes in famous academic journals such as Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Astrophysical Journal, Physics of Plasmas, Journal of Computational Physics, Physical Review E, and Physics of Fluids, her doctoral dissertation was rated as an excellent doctoral thesis of Peking University.

    Her dissertation combines the description of magnetohydrodynamics with statistical mechanics, studying the dynamic properties of plasma turbulence from macroscopic large-scale fluid properties to microscopic small-scale charged particles in a comprehensive and self-consistent way. Thereby it established the foundation for a complete energy cascade and dissipation process of plasma turbulence.