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  • [ June 24, 2019]

    Prof. Chien-Cheng Chang of Taiwan University visits LTCS

  • Recently, invited by Prof. Cunbiao Li, Prof. Chien-Cheng Chang of Taiwan University visited State Key Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Systems(LTCS) in the College of Engineering at Peking University.

    Professor Chien-Cheng Chang is a Distinguished Professor of Applied Mechanics at Taiwan University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, the University of Minnesota, and the California Institute of Technology. Since 1987, he has worked at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, Taiwan University as Associate Professor, Professor, Distinguished Professor, and Director until 2012. His research interests include fluid Mechanics Micro/Nano Mechanics, Biomedical Mechanics/Engineering. He has directed 26 doctoral theses and more than 100 master theses and has published more than 220 journal and conference papers, 140 of which are included in SCI. Since 2003, Professor Chang has promoted and presided over the Cross-Strait Applied Mechanics Conference/Forum for 10 years in Taiwan. He is committed to promoting cross-strait mechanical exchanges.

    In the afternoon of June 14th, 2019, Prof. Chang gave a seminar talk on the main frequency time spectrum analysis and fluid force element theory (II). This talk continues his Wang Ren Lecture on Mechanics at the College of Engineering on September 28th last year. Prof. Chang introduced the newly proposed main frequency time spectrum analysis. The fluid force element theory is used to analyze how the objects in the fluid movement (such as birds flying and fish swimming) are subjected to the force and how to effectively change the surrounding flow field environment. Finally, Prof. Chang elucidated the correlation between the main frequency time spectrum analysis and the fluid force element theory as two effective diagnostic tools for the flow field, and gave his vision on the future development.

    Prof. Chien-Cheng Chang delivering the lecture

    After the seminar, LTCS faculty and students had stimulating discussions with Prof. Chang, and LTCS will have him continue to discuss scientific problems and future collaboration with LTCS in the whole week.