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  • [ June 05, 2019]

    Alumnus Yingjie Liu wins the Outstanding Scholar Award from Duke University

  • Recently, Dr. Yingjiu Liu, who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science in 2012, won the Outstanding Scholar Award from Duke University, which recognized his innovative research work during his Ph.D. studies.

    Liu earned his undergraduate degree at Peking University and completed his master’s degree at Columbia University, both in engineering mechanics. He obtained a PhD in civil and environmental engineering from Duke in 2018.

    During his undergraduate years at PKU, he did research work in the labs of Prof. Huiling Duan and Prof. Jianxiang Wang, and had published papers as first author in the famous journal Proceedings of the Royal Society: A.

    COE alumnus Yingjie Liu works with his advisor, Professor John Dolbow, at his office in Gross Hall

    During his time at Duke, supervised by Professor John Dolbow, Liu explored the diverse places his expertise in computational modeling could take him. He developed a fracture mechanics model based on phase field theory for the simulation of fracture behavior of heterogeneous materials. The model solves the problem that the traditional phase-field fracture model can only be applied to the simulation of homogeneous materials, and is applied to simulate and guide the treatment of ultrasonic kidney stones.

    In his final year at Duke, he won first prize in the student division of the 13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, for his presentation titled “A Multi-Phase Field Formulation for Cohesive Fracture in Anisotropic Solids with the Application on Shock Wave Lithotripsy.”

    Ultrasonic fracture treatment of kidney stones