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  • [ April 24, 2019]

    COE faculty and staff perform well in the university’s sports meeting

  • On April 19-20th, 2019, the annual sports meeting of Peking University was held on campus. Many faculty members and staff of the College of Engineering (COE) participated in the opening ceremony and performed well in the various track and field sports, winning the 12th places finally, five places ahead of the 17th place last year.

    On the opening ceremony held in the morning of April 20th, despite of the drizzle, about 50 COE faculty members and staff joined the square marching as well as the Tai Chi Performance, along with those from other colleges and schools of the university. In the meanwhile, dressed in white, many COE students performed actions to the popular Chinese song ‘Nun chucks’, of which lyrics were revised by them to fit in the context of COE students' studies and aspirations.

    Besides that, a large number of teachers participated in almost every competition of the sports meeting, while many won good places, such as the 1500m running for men, 400m running for men, 200m running for women, 4*100m relay race, long jump for men and women, shot throwing, solid ball throwing, and rope skipping for group.