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  • [ March 26, 2019]

    “Image Management and Value Growth”—the Second Talk of the “Dialogue with Global Innovation Master”

  • On Mar. 22, Ms. Zheng Xiaodan, the master of haute couture from the De Tao Group Masters Academy, delivered a wonderful lecture with the theme of "Image Management and Value Growth" to the students in room 405 at Second Teaching Building of Peking University.

    Master Zheng Xiaodan is a renowned Chinese fashion designer and the founder of Dan, a famous Chinese haute couture brand. She has designed dresses for Juliet Binoche, Zhang Ziyi and many other top stars at home and abroad. She is also the shareholder and director of the Jialan Group. With more than 15 years of experience, she is absolutely sophisticated when it comes to brand building.

    Before the start of the talk, students from the "Dialogue with Global Innovation Master" course had the opportunity to have an interview with Zheng. Facing the huge curiosity of the students towards the haute couture industry, she friendly shared her experiences of establishing and building a brand, her own thoughts and opinions towards the development of the industry, and the whole process of producing an ideal outfit for clients as well. The students had fruitful gains.

    Before the lecture began, two students from the interview group gave a brief introduction of Zheng and the haute couture industry to the audience. Soon after that, Zheng talked about dream and choice. After managing cosmetic business for 16 years, with sufficient courage and self-confidence, she decided to pursue her dream - to become a fashion designer.

    Later, the master talked about the importance of self-image management. "Your image is your best card," said Zheng, “Self-image management is not only the affirmation and display of yourself, but also the respect for others and life.” She gave examples of Liu Wen, Juliette Binoche and other international top stars and their red carpet appearance to explain why correct image management would have impressive influence on them. “Similarly, if we are determined to leave a good impression to others at first sight, a comprehensive image management is the prerequisite,” said she.

    Then, she highlighted that designers need to understand their clients deeply and spend plenty of time on the whole set of styling in order to let it become part of the customer.

    Furthermore, she proposed that the management of image for college students can be necessary and crucial, which may serve as the booster of future work and love.

    Zheng also emphasized on the importance of self-cognition, color-matching and sense of propriety, and demonstrated the basic principles of how to choose the correct shape and color in accordance with the individual's image.

    She said that the power of clothing is infinite since it can show a sense of the whole. She also mentioned that image not only relates to oneself, but also has impact on others.

    In the following interactive session, students actively raised questions. When answering the question that “students cannot afford a haute couture outfit”, she replied, "Choosing the accurate and suitable clothing may serve as a substitute which can also provide the individual with a sense of elegance and superiority. What’s more, when a person has cultivated his own temperament, any harmonious clothing can be outstanding." When it comes to the question that "sometimes it is uncomfortable to be fashionable", Zheng said, "We can try our best to choose comfortable clothes within the fashion range.” She stressed that fashion itself maybe uncomfortable, but when people stick to image management and foster certain habits, the psychological pleasure is far beyond the physical feeling that fashion brings.

    Finally, Zheng ended the lecture with a quote from Nietzsche, "Every single day without dancing is one day we betrayed life." She highlighted that students should embrace themselves, believe in themselves and have the courage to dream and pursue. “Only after climbing over the mountain of their own would boundless sky and sea come into sight,” she said.