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  • [ Janurary 16, 2019]

    COE celebrates the New Year of 2019

  • On January 13, 2019, the College of Engineering (COE) held a year-end meeting and celebration on the university campus for all the faculty and staff. Over 100 teachers and staff participated in the event to jointly review last year and welcome the arrival of the New Year of 2019. The event was hosted by Dr. Zhili Sun, Associate Dean and CPC Secretary of COE.

    Dean Dongxiao Zhang

    Dean Dongxiao Zhang firstly expressed thanks to all the college faculty and staff for their diligent and hard work in the past year. In 2018, COE made good achievements in various aspects. The construction of the new ENN Engineering Building has been started, expected to house all the COE departments, offices, and research centers in the near future. Many teachers received awards of recognition for their outstanding performance in teaching, research and administration work. Nine faculty members and research fellows joined the college last year. Zhang commented that the college had impressive development in the past year and expressed anticipation to further progress in the new year.

    Dr. Zhili Sun hosted the year-end celebration

    Dr. Zhili Sun summarized the work of confidentiality and lab safety management, reminding the teachers of the importance of daily care and discretion regarding confidential document and lab safety. In addition, Dr. Mingke Zhuang, deputy director of the PKU Center for Students’ Psychological Counseling, talked about the common psychological problems on campus and explained the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for these problems.

    The Year-end Celebration for 2018

    In the subsequent performance session, the teachers from all the departments and offices of COE presented the audience a wonderful watching experience with a variety of programs, all directed and played by the COE faculty and staff themselves. The different types of programs, including dances, short play, chorus, and cross talk won many applauses and acclaims from the audience.

    The performance session

    The College of Engineering is on winter recess from January 23 - February 14 to celebrate the Spring Festival. The College wishes its students, faculty, staff, cooperators and friends a very Happy New Year!