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  • [ December 04, 2018]

    Seven faculty members from the College of Engineering named 2018 Highly Cited Researchers

  • On November 27th, Clarivate Analytics announced the list of the Global Highly Cited Researchers of 2018, which is an annual list recognizing leading researchers in the sciences and social sciences from around the world.

    This is the consecutive 5th year of the publication of this list. Among the 4000 winners from 21 fields of nature science and social science selected, 20 are from Peking University including 7 from the College of Engineering, who are Associate Professor Zhongkui Li, Professor Zhisheng Duan, Professor Yanglong Hou, Professor Xiaowei Zhan, Associate Professor Shaojun Guo, Professor Long Wang, and Professor Anyuan Cao.

    The list of this year newly added the cross-disciplinary field and included 2000 people who have published papers with great influence on several areas. Cross-disciplinary scientists from the following countries posses over 40 percent of the total researchers of their countries- Sweden (53%), Austria (53%), Singapore (47%), Denmark (47%), Chinese Mainland (43%) and Korea (42%).

    The number of highly-cited researchers from the USA is 2639, exceeding other countries greatly. There are 546 scientists from the UK. The number of Scientists from Chinese mainland (482) increases remarkably, compared to last year. Meanwhile there are 50 scientists from Chinese Hongkong, 5 scientists from Chinese Macau, and 20 scientists from Chinese Taiwan.

    Among all the universities from Chinese mainland, Tsinghua University (26 people), Peking University (20 people) and Zhejiang University (19 people) take the lead.