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  • [ September 20, 2018]

    COE warmly welcomes freshmen of 2018

  • The College of Engineering (COE) held a welcome ceremony for the freshmen of 2018 on Sunday, September 16th.

    The ceremony, taking place in the Sunny Hall of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center, got together many of COE administrative leaders, faculty members, students and alumni to meet with the new entrants, a total of over 300 undergraduate, master and Ph.D. new students. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Huaiqiu Zhu, associate dean of COE.

    At the beginning of the ceremony, students who have won the “National Scholarship” last year received their awards in front of the audience. After that, undergraduate freshman Xin Wen expressed his pride and expectations of joining COE. He felt the more independent environment at university compared to that of high school, and made the resolution of working hard to achieve his dreams and pursuits and trying to be the best of himself during his studies for a Bachelor’s degree.

    Subsequently, first-year graduate student Shengyu Zhang shared his opinion that interest, skepticism and self-learning ability are vital for a student to move forward. He believes that being good at thinking, dare to express and diligent is also important for a student to carry out solid scientific research.

    Teacher Yue Cui speaks at the ceremony

    Teacher Yue Cui, assistant professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering, COE, hoped that during their precious time at university, the students could follow their hearts to pursue their dreams, accumulate knowledge, broaden their horizons, cultivate an open-minded attitude, and achieve more success in the future.

    Alumnus Kangwei Ai delivers a speech

    COE alumnus Kangwei Ai (1978’), researcher in the National Physical Education Administration, delivered an inspiring speech to the young generation, asking them to bravely pursue their dreams at such a wonderful age.

    Dean Dongxiao Zhang welcomes the new entrants

    Finally, Professor Dongxiao Zhang, dean of COE, congratulated the students and reviewed the fast development of COE in the past few years. “Striving to become an innovative university is the common goal of all elite universities in the world. In the past few years, COE has produced a large number of innovative research outcomes thanks to its excellent faculty staff and researchers. It’s also carried out very active international exchanges and created many platforms for innovation education and entrepreneurship. “I hope you will grow with our college, to seek you own way of innovation, to realize your own dreams and value,” said Zhang.