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  • [ September 16, 2018]

    Professor Cunbiao Lee invited as the associate editor of AIAA Journal

  • Recently, Professor Cunbiao Lee from the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the College of Engineering was invited to serve as the associate editor of AIAA Journal (AIAA J.). AIAA J. is the most important journal in the international aerospace field. At present, Professor Lee is also a member of the editorial board of Phys. of Fluids, one of the two major journals in fluid mechanics.

    AIAA J. Journal is dedicated to advancing aerospace science and technology by disseminating research papers that reveal new theoretical developments or experimental results. Topics include aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, combustion, propulsion fundamentals, fluid mechanics and reaction flows, fundamental aspects of aerospace environments, fluid dynamics, lasers and related phenomena, plasma, research instruments and facilities, thermodynamics and thermochemistry .

    Professor Lee has long been engaged in the experimental research of fluid mechanics. From 1987 to 1990, he was engaged in the research of hypersonic shock and turbulent boundary layer interference. Since 1990, he has been engaged in research on transition and turbulence, and in 1996-1998 he cooperated with Kachanov in the study of boundary layer transition. Progress has been made in the study of compressible and incompressible flows, especially in the boundary layer transition, which has been a major scientific problem over a century. The group has established a general framework for the generation of wall turbulence and discovered new principles of aerodynamic heating.