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  • [ September 27, 2011]

    SD China 2013 unveils the host city

  • The China National Energy Administration announced on September 21 that Datong of Shanxi Provincee will host the China Solar Decathlon 2013 competition.

    The College of Engineering Executive Vice Dean Dongxiao Zhang and Professor Pingrong Yu, members of the organizational committee of the competition, attended the announcement ceremony held in Beijing.

    China’s Secretary of Energy Tienan Liu, Peking University President Qifeng Zhou and Vice Governor of Shanxi Province Xiaopeng Li witnessed the ceremony.

    Tienan Liu presents the host city plaque to Yanbo Geng

    SD China 2013 will be organized by the China National Energy Administration and U.S. Department of Energy, and undertaken by the Peking University College of Engineering.

    The solar decathlon competition is the highest level collegiate competition that integrates solar energy and energy-saving technology with architectural design.

    Since its April 28 launch at Peking University, the competition has attracted global attention. Over 40 universities from countries such as U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Israel and China have applied. A number of Chinese cities competed for the host city bid.

    “I think SD China will be a crucial event in the field of new energy.” said  Zhou.“We’ll continue close cooperations with the National Energy Administration and Shanxi Province to ensure smooth running of this event. We hope it will bring in more social attention and thus boost the industry development.”

    Datong is the second largest city in Shanxi Province. It has a population of 3.3 million and boasts abundant sunlight resources. Known as the “Capital of Coal”, Datong has been seeking ways to shift from conventional energy to clean energy such. It hopes to speed up the transformation of going green by hosting this world event, according to Mayor Yanbo Geng.

    Dongxiao Zhang (right) signs the agreement

    On the unveiling ceremony, COE Executive Vice Dean Dongxiao Zhang signed the agreement on behalf of Peking University with officers from China National Energy Administration and Datong City.