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  • [ April 08, 2016]

    The Office of Development of Georgia Tech visits COE to discuss development issues

  • On March 25, Ms. Marta Garcia, Assistant Vice President of Development of Georgia Tech and Ms. Jiachen Wang, Executive Assistant to Office of Development Asia Pacific, visited the College of Engineering (COE), Peking University (PKU). They were warmly received by Mr. Jun Hu, Deputy Secretary-General of PKU Education Foundation and Ms. Yongmei Li, Assistant Dean of COE.

    The purpose of the visit is to enhance mutual understanding, exchange information and resources and finally acquire social funding for the sustainable development of the joint Ph.D. program and other projects. Prof. Qiushi Ren, Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department of COE and Ms. Jialei Luo, Program Coordinator of PKU/ Georgia Tech / Emory Exchange participated in the discussion.

    In 2006, Wallace Coulter Foundation made a matching fund of $ 2.5 million to support the PKU / Georgia Tech / Emory University joint Ph.D. program and other exchanges, which have been going well in the past few years. Ms. Marta Garcia, Ms. Yongmei Li and the Biomedical Engineering Department have maintained good communication with the Foundation, and paid close attention to the development of the three universities’ joint doctoral programs and exchanges.

    In the meeting, Marta Garcia introduced the organizational structure of the Office of Development at Georgia Tech and its mode of operation in the acquirement for social donations. Seeking social support has a history of more than a hundred years at Georgia Tech and is an important source of funding for the school. Its Alumni Association has offices in many cities in Europe, Asia and America.

    Mr. Jun Hu and Ms. Yongmei Li introduced the Operation and Management Mode of Peking University Foundation, the COE Office of Development, Foundation and the Alumni Association. Prof. Qiushi Ren summarized the achievement of the joint Ph.D. program in the past years. He proposed that both sides should unite to let more people know about the project and if possible provide funding. Ms. Yongmei Li pointed out that seeking external funding could be related to promoting technology transfer, which was agreed upon by the attendees.

    After deep communication and exchanges, both parties agreed that the next step should be focused on outreach work and give full play to the influence of PKU and Georgia Tech at home and abroad to attract funding for the project.