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  • [ April 01, 2016]

    Professor Yang Zhang from Sheffield University gives an invited talk on stereoscopic shadowgraph

  • On March 31, invited by Prof. Jianping Wang in the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Professor Yang Zhang from Sheffield University gave an invited talk in the College of Engineering. The talk was entitled “High speed stereoscopic shadowgraph/Schlireren and its digital reconstruction”.

    Professor Yang Zhang received BEng from Zhejiang University, China and PhD in the Engineering Department of Cambridge University. He is currently the Chair of Combustion and Energy in Sheffield University. His laboratory specializes in combustion and advanced flow diagnostics. The combustion lab has several lab scale burners for both fundamental research and teaching. Besides the conventional diagnostic techniques, the group is known for in-house developed diagnostic techniques, which can be applied not only in flame dynamics studies but also in many fast moving dynamic systems. The team has great strength in signal and image processing capabilities, including multi-channel data acquisition, high speed imaging and stereo imaging.

    In this talk, Prof. Zhang gave an introduction of Schlireren imaging, stereoscopic imaging and stereoscopic Schlireren imaging techniques. He also showed different test cases such as planar pattern construction, 3D soap bubble bursting, and visualization of gas turbine spark ignition. As many of the audience have rich experiences in using the technique, the group had deep exchanges and detailed discussions, which all of them found very valuable.