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  • [ Janurary 17, 2011]

    Peking University Nanomedicine Summit Forum Held; Preparations Made For PKU-GT-EMORY Joint Institute of Nanomedicine

  • On January 11, the Peking University Nanomedicine Summit Forum was held at the Peking University Health Science Center.

    Over 140 experts from the Peking University Health Science Center and its six affiliated hospitals were present, as well as representatives from all the colleges that conduct research in this field, namely, the College of Engineering, School of Physics, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, School of Life Sciences and Institute of Molecular Medicine.

    The forum also served as a preparation meeting for a new institute at PKU: the PKU-GT-Emory Joint Institute of Nanomedicine.


    Prof. Hongbin Han

    Prof. Shiyi Chen

    Prof. Enge Wang

    "In plain words, nanomedicine is the science of employing nanotechnology in medical research and clinics," Professor Gang Bao of Georgia Institute of Technology explained. “As a newly emerged field, nanomedicine is all about innovation and a new opportunity due to its close relationship with human health and medical problems.”
    Compared to traditional molecular medicine, nanomedicine will have better access to cells because of its smaller scale, and thus will promote more effective therapy. It is also expected to reduce the side effects of current tumor treatments, as nanomedicine carries targeting agents on them which will help better locate the tumors. The global market for nanomedicine is estimated to reach 12 billion USD by 2020.

    Prof. Kai Wu

    Prof. Gang Bao

    Prof. Qiushi Ren

    Proposed by Bao, the PKU-GT-Emory Joint Institute of Nanomedicine is going to be established at PKU, aiming to lead the way of innovation and application of nanomedicine in China. The institute will take advantage of, as well as contribute to, the multidisciplinary research fields which PKU boasts of. It will also boost the impact of Georgia Tech and Emory University on Chinese society.
    In the past five years, the three universities have reached a firm strategic relationship in biomedical engineering, and this joint institute will be a benchmark for their cooperation.