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  • [ December 22, 2010]

    Professor Yanglong Hou Wins the Second Scopus Young Researcher Award in Materials Sciences

  • On December 15, the organizing committee of the second Scopus Young Researcher Awards announced the winners of this year in Beijing.

    Professor Yanglong Hou of the Department of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology of the College of Engineering won the Young Researcher Award  in Materials Sciences.

    At the awarding ceremony, Changgen Feng, secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST); Xian'en Zhang, director general of the Department of Basic Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology; and Academician Chunting Zhang from Tianjing University conferred the awards to 51 youth scientists in five fields: materials sciences, information technology, environmental sciences, life sciences and climate change sciences.

    At the ceremony, the award winners said they valued the support they had received and requested a better evaluation system and more funding to their research.

    The Scopus Young Researcher Award was launched in September 2010, replacing the Scopus Seeking Future Star of Science Award. The award is sponsored by the Youth Association of the Chinese Academy of Science, undertaken jointly by Science News Bi-Weekly and Elsevier, the biggest science and technology publishing company in China. Nearly 500 candidates of youth researchers were up for this year’s award, most of them working for Project 985 and Project 211 universities, schools under two of China’s endeavors to promote and strengthen higher education, and other research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Science.

    Professor Yanglong Hou  


    The Scopus Young Researcher Award is an Elsevier global initiative to support early career researchers in China. It is the first evidence-based award targeting young scientists in mainland China.
    This year, it has received support from many famous corporations, including ARCH Venture Partners, Pfizer, and Thermo Fisher. The award was renamed the Young Researcher Award to clearer target Chinese scientists who are under 40 and settled in mainland China. The range of selection has increased to include five science fields: material, life, information, environmental, and climate change.

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