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  • [ March 21, 2011]

    GEDC Conference Coming to Peking University in October

  • The College of Engineering will host this year’s Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) Conference  this coming October at Peking University.

    The global event will take place on October 20-22 at the Lakeview Hotel, a five-star hotel located near PKU’s Weiming Lake. Representatives from over 30 countries will attend.

    The conference’s goal is to provide a space for leaders of engineering institutions to connect and share their successes and challenges in providing world class engineering education programs in an increasingly interconnected and fast-paced world community.

    Accommodating for its diverse membership, the GEDC has met in Brazil, Turkey, France, the U.S., and Singapore, and plans to meet in Beijing this year.

    "We are thrilled to host this great conference on engineering," said Shiyi Chen, dean of the PKU College of Engineering and co-chair of the GEDC Conference 2011. "GEDC members are all deans and principals of engineering colleges in the world. I'm hoping that their individual perspectives and experiences will generate some great ideas to help advance our college to a world-class level."

    Under its theme, “Global Leadership in Engineering Education,” this year's conference will incorporate six  sessions. These sessions are institutional leadership, sustainability issues, curricular innovation, new dean mentoring, accreditation in engineering education, and engineering education in a globalized world.

    For more information on GEDC, please visit

    For more information on GEDC Conference 2011 in Beijing, please visit