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  • [ December 06, 2010]

    Students of Department of Biomedical Engineering Visit General Electric

  • On December 3, Professor Qiushi Ren, director of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Vice-Director Haifeng Chen took 12 undergraduates and 19 graduate students on a visit to the General Electric Company (GE) Medical Equipment Assembly Plant and R&D Center, located in Beijing’s Economic-Technological Develop?ment Area (BDA) in Yizhuang, Beijing.

    Graduate Students in Front of the GE Motto Wall

    At the assembly plant, a variety of large scale medical equipment came into shape from small parts. The quality engineer of GE informed the students that GE is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices, occupying about 50% of the world’s market share.

    Now, the company's assembly plants are located in Beijing, Germany, Japan and the United States, with half of the production taking place in Beijing. However, the quality engineer said the plant is still lagging behind the world in terms of technological innovation and urged the students to take the lead.

     Undergraduates in Front of the GE Motto Wall

    In the R&D center, Ren briefed the students on the development and prospects of the Department of Biomedical Engineering as well as the College of Engineering. He pointed out that the department plans to promote innovation in the future and demand cooperation with GE.

    Ms. Mi, director of the R&D center, also expressed a strong willingness to strengthen bilateral cooperation. She said, "In fact, GE has established close relationship[s] with many universities in the United States. We should also be open to have in-depth cooperation [with Peking University].”

    The visit was an opportunity for students to look beyond books and theories, catching a glimpse of real engineering at work.