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  • [ May 20, 2011]

    UPOS to benefit undergraduates seeking internships

  • The Undergraduate Practice Opportunity Scholarship (UPOS) project was officially launched at the College of Engineering on May 13.

    With an annual budget of 80,000 RMB, it is the first scholarship at Peking University set up specifically to facilitate internships and practice activities for undergraduates.

    This project is financed by the Hsia Sheo-Yu & Hwang Yu-Tseng Fund, a 100,000 USD endowment from  Philip Choong and his wife, Hsia Choong, in 2009. The fund was named after Mrs. Choong’s parents, Hsia Sheo-Yu and Hwang Yu-Tseng.

    Mr. Philip Choong and Mrs. Hsia Choong

    At the scholarship launch ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Choong had a pleasant meeting with the 18 COE undergraduates who have filed the scholarship application. Referencing his own experiences, Mr. Choong said he valued the working opportunities undergraduates are able to take during college. He said internships are an excellent means for students to discover what they want to do most and will lay a good foundation for a successful career.   After listening to the students’ individual reports on their own study and work experience, the couple offered some advice.