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  • [ June 03, 2011]

    A new center for research on intelligent rehabilitation technology established

  • On May 30, the Center for Research on Intelligent Rehabilitation Technology was established at the College of Engineering.

    The signing ceremony was held at Lakeview Hotel, Peking University, with officers from the Beijing Disabled Persons Association (BDPA) and professors and students from PKU and COE presenting at the ceremony.

    There are currently over 80 million disabled persons in China, among which 24 million have mobility difficulties. Making use of assistive limbs is a primary means for them to overcome these difficulties. However, traditional assistive limbs have no drive and no real interaction with human bodies. They generate relatively poor experiences for users and often require a long-term training period to get used to them.

    Dean Chen and BDPA Chairman Wenyan Wu with the new plaque for the Center for Research on Intelligent Rehabilitation Technology

    To address this problem, a research group at COE has carried out studies on intelligent assistive limbs since 2003.  Using a dynamic walking mechanism, the intelligent assistive limbs that the team developed have good interaction with human bodies and will greatly improve the quality of life for the disabled.  The research team aims  to start industrialization of intelligent assistive limbs and exoskeleton equipment in 2015.