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  • [ May 07, 2010]

    Congratulations on the College of Engineering’s Fifth Anniversary!

  • The Peking University College of Engineering hosted a grand ceremony to celebrate its fifth anniversary on May 2 at the Yingjie Communication Center.

    Over 300 people attended the ceremony, including former Peking University presidents and academicians Jia’er Chen and Zhihong Xu, 17 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, leaders from Peking University, China State Council, Central Organization Department of China; entrepreneurs, COE alumni, current professors and students, and representatives from partner universities.

    Opening of the grand ceremony

    The ceremony started with a history of the study of engineering at PKU. The College of Engineering was first established in 1910 but dissolved in 1952 after government adjustments to the division of higher education.

    On PKU’s  100th anniversary in 1998, numerous alumni suggested the reestablishment of the College of Engineering.  In June 2005, an announcement was made in Yannan Yuan, the spiritual home of Peking University, declaring the official reestablishment of the College of Engineering.

    After five years of hard work, COE has developed substantially. It is now home to five departments and more than ten research centers. It currently has 89 faculty members and 777 registered students,  including 355 undergraduate students, 228 postgraduate students, and 194 Ph.D. candidates. In the last five years, it has undertaken more than 200 national key projects and obtained more than 80 million RMB for its research funds.


    Academician Zhihong Xu, former Peking University president 

    "It was strategically significant for Peking University to reestablish the College of Engineering in that historical moment of China's strive for an innovative country." said Xu, the key promoter and decision maker for COE’s reestablishment. "Congratulations on the remarkable achievements of COE in the past five years. I believe in the resurrection of engineering at Peking University."

    In just five years, the college has already caught the attention of international media college rankings.

    According to the 2009 U.S. News & World Report and the British Times' rankings of universities in the field of "Engineering and Information Technology,” the College of Engineering ranked 31st overall and 2nd in China.

    Looking far beyond rankings, the college and its leaders are turning towards loftier goals.


    Dean Shiyi Chen, College of Engineering

    "The College of Engineering is now focused on its goal of becoming an outstanding, internationally recognized college,” said  Shiyi Chen, dean of the College of Engineering since 2005.

    The five key parties who made all the incredible growth  possible in just five years also attended the ceremony to show their support to the college. The five parties are the Chinese government, industrial enterprises, college alumni, faculty, and current students.



    A golden egg was lifted up to represent best wishes for longevity and good luck for COE.

    At the ceremony, representatives of the five parties delivered their letters of best wishes to a golden egg, representing the college, for eggs in Chinese culture symbolize blessings and good luck. The golden egg was lifted up by five colored bars representing the five parties.