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  • [ November 06, 2016]

    The International Underwater Robot Competition established by Professor Guangming Xie successfully held in Beijing

  • From October 21st to 25th, the World Robot Conference 2016 was held in Beijing Yizhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an important part of the conference, the International Underwater Robot Competition, initiated by Prof. Guangming Xie of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, College of Engineering, attracted over 500 student teams from more than 100 universities of different countries. The number of participating students exceeded 1300.

    The International Underwater Robot Competition has been held 8 times across Beijing, Taiyuan, Jinan, Chengdu, Nanjing, Ningbo, Chaozhou and Lanzhou, respectively, which is the first international robot competition established by Chinese people. After 8 years, the competition returns to Beijing again, and was included into the core competing events of World Robot Conference.

    The competition mainly targets robots with underwater applications, and perform various competition & demonstration underwater. Competing events are mainly in two categories including academic research and industrial application, event covers water ball confronting, synchronized swimming, land-air-sea united rescue, petroleum pipeline inspection, underwater mineral prospecting, marine product catching and others. Underwater robot competition possesses very strong technical challenge and very high ornamental value, which is a perfect combination of scientific research and popularization of science.

    The number of participating colleges, number of teams and participants all have been record high. After the four-day competition, the teams from Peking University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Ocean University of China, Taiyuan University of Technology has received champion award. Underwater Robot Development Seminar and Robot Maker Growth Forum were also held during the period.

    Qinglin Jia, Member of the 16th & 17th Politburo Standing Committee, and President of the 16th & 17th Chinese People's Political and Consultative Conference, visited the competition field and formed friendly discussion with Professor Guangming Xie regarding underwater robot technology. President Jia appreciate the bionic robot technology very much and pointed out that comparing with aerospace technology, the development of our nation?s marine technology is relatively slow, hopefully there will be a breakthrough in this area very soon lead by related scientific researchers from Peking University.

    Professor Yuanqing Zhou, Honored President of International League of Underwater Robot and former Deputy Minister of Education, announces the opening of competition

    President Qinglin Jia looking at the bionic robot fish

    President Qinglin Jia joins members of the League for a friendly photo to mark the occasion

    Tense competition between the participants

    Huge crowds queue up waiting to watch the competition

    Beijing Union University held the Underwater Robot Development Seminar on Oct 23rd

    Oct 24th World Robot Conference sub-forum ---- Robot Maker Growth Forum

    Introduction of the League and Competition

    International League of Underwater Robot has always been focusing on the development of China robot industry through organizing of underwater robot competitions and technical seminars. It aims to promote & boost the development & innovation of robot and automation technologies, to let more people, especially teenagers, to understand robots, love robots, to cultivate more outstanding talents in the robotic industry through popularizing scientific knowledge, to attract robot lovers from all over the world to participate in the competition, thereby enhance international communication and raise China?s position in global robot industry. After many years of development, International Underwater Robot Competition has achieved remarkable outcome. Under the background of more comprehensive competition rules, richer competition events, more participating countries and higher influence power, the International League of Underwater Robot is writing the new chapter of the accelerated growth of China robot industry.