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  • [ December 12, 2016]

    Industrial Mentors Program helps boost students’ career development

  • Twenty-eight high-levels from many successful companies joined the College of Engineering’s Industrial Mentors Program (IMP) on December 10th to serve as mentors for over 60 students of the College in the coming year. These students, ranging from undergraduates, masters and Ph.D. students, will meet their choice mentors regularly in this period to learn more about a specific industry and be better prepared for their future career. It’s the third year that this program took off.

    In order that engineering students could learn more about the needs and trends of the society, IMP serves as a bridge to connect successful people in various industries and the currents students. Mentors are mostly alumni of the College of Engineering who have become entrepreneurs or high-level managers. For them, it’s also a good channel to know more about the younger generation.

    Mr. Yang Zhao is a Master of Engineering Management who graduated in 2014. He attended the IMP that year and chose Mr. Cheng Peng, President of a solar technology company as his industrial mentor. After receiving one year’s guidance, he is now himself President of a new startup company in new energy.

    A Ph.D. student Ms. Juan Du in management science and engineering joined IMP in 2015 and followed Mr. Yanyuan Zhang, general manager of a medical and pharmaceutical company in Beijing. “The project helped me explore projects opportunities, and in the meantime encouraged me to know more about myself and initiate my potential,” said she.

    The industrial mentors have very different backgrounds, covering investment, manufacturing, trade, education and training, construction, high-technology, environment, aviation, biology and energy.