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  • [ April 28, 2017]

    Three Large National Energy Companies host talks on Peking University Campus

  • On April 24, 2017, hosted by Beijing Energy Association and three large national energy enterprises and organized by the College of Engineering, the Energy Forum "Welcome to listen to our stories" was held in oversea exchange center of Peking University. The experts from the PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC met with teachers and students face to face.

    This activity is one of the "2017 ? Beijing Energy Forum come into the campus" series. Besides Peking University, the forum was also held in three other colleges and universities, incl. China University of Petroleum, Beihang University and Tsinghua University.

    The experts from the PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC met with teachers and students

    As representative of the organizer of the event, Ms. Yongmei Li, Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering welcomed the guests and and expressed tribute to the pioneers of China's energy industry. She pointed out that China Petroleum, Sinopec, and CNOOC are of great significance for the national economic construction, even national security, while Peking University has a long history of connection with them. She hopes this event will make teachers and students recognize the important position of the national energy companies, and improve their awareness and interest in the energy career as well.

    Mr. Qun Li of Petro China introduced the company’s main business in China and abroad and its science and technology innovation system. He pointed out that scientific and technological innovation has become a strong driving force for China's oil development, which makes the overall core technology of the company reach the international advanced level. He expounded the Five-Year vision- to promote the scientific and technological innovation drive, to complete the industrialization of major core supporting technology, and to build into a world-class comprehensive international energy company.

    Mr. Xuehai Zhu of Sinapec introduced public safety management in China's energy strategy of overseas extension. As Sinopec has more than 50,000 employees working abroad in 76 countries, overseas security issues are particularly important. Zhu has been to Yemen, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia and other countries to implement security risk investigation and check overseas project safety. With his rich overseas experience, he reviewed the ten years of Sinopec's public safety work. He stressed the significance of improving security awareness for the consolidation of public safety management system and for national overseas expansion.

    Manager Jinbao Fu of CNOOC shared the function of China's offshore oil Platform 981 and its contribution to the country. "Offshore Oil 981" is China's first independently designed deep water semi-submersible drilling platform, whose completion marks China’s independent research and development capabilities and international competitiveness in the field of marine engineering equipment. As the witness and technology pioneer of China's sea oil exploration into the deep water, he and his team successfully broke the technical bottlenecks in marine deep water drilling, growing into the world's fourth technical team.

    The speech of the experts were rich in practical examples and contained profound ideas, which arose great interests among the teachers and students. The audience put forward lots of questions in the themes of "the public safety risk assessment principles in the energy industry", "the status of oil in the world energy distribution", "the application of artificial intelligence / large data in the oil industry" and many aspects related to the technology, industry, and public policy, and the experts answered them in details.

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