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  • [ May 11, 2017]

    Peking University and College of Engineering celebrate PKU’s 119th Anniversary

  • The celebration of the 119th anniversary of Peking University (PKU) was held at PKU Hall on May 4. It is themed “Leading the Future: Honoring Traditions and Pioneering Innovations”. Government officials were present at the celebration. Ping Hao, chairman of the Peking University Council, Jianhua Lin, president of the university and other school officials and representatives, totaling more than 2,000 people, attended the meeting.

    The celebration of the 119th anniversary of Peking University

    Over 60 renowned scholars and students at Peking University told their stories on stage or via video-link. This is the first time such a format is adopted at Peking University’s anniversary celebrations throughout its history. Their stories included their understandings about research, teaching and campus life, as well as their attachments to the values of the university.

    As part of the celebration, the Alumni Office of the College of Engineering (COE) organized a series of activities for the alumni. On May 1st, a team of seven, including Master of Engineering Management alumni and the post-docs, participated in the badminton match hosted by the university. On May 4th, many alumni visited the College office at Yan Nan Yuan, and communicated with Ms. Yongmei Li, Secretary General of the COE Alumni Association about the College’s latest development, as well as holding discussions about preparation for the university’s 120th Anniversary celebration in 2018.

    The COE team participated in the university badminton match

    On the same day, donor of the “Wu Kangmin Encouragement Scholarship”, 89-year-old alumnae Ms. Kangmin Wu returned to the college and met with the scholarship winners. In 2012, Wu donated most of her savings to the college to establish the scholarship, hoping to help the students complete their studies and make better contributions to the society and the engineering cause. After listening to Wu’s narration about her life stories, the winners expressed that they were greatly touched and very encouraged to study hard and be a useful person to the society.

    Scholarship donor Ms. Kangmin Wu met with the winners

    In the next a few months, the alumni office will organize other activities, including scholarship awarding ceremonies, career talks, student intern reports and annual get-togethers for alumni of different graduate years.