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  • [ April 25, 2017]

    College of Engineering students visit Beijing Geoscience Center of Schlumberger Technology

  • On April 21, 2017, supported by Dr. Chengzhu Xu, Industrial Mentor of the College of Engineering and President of Schlumberger China, some project students paid a visit to Beijing Geoscience Center (BGC) of Schlumberger Technology at Tsinghua Science Park. Di Cao, Chairman, and Gongrui Yan, director of Schlumberger BGC attended the event.

    Mr. Cao introduced the basic situation of BGC. As early as twenty years ago, realizing that China's outstanding young students had a great potential for development, Schlumberger established BGC in 2000 in Beijing Tsinghua Science Park. From logging technology development, the center has grown into one of the main technology development centers serving the Schlumberger Oilfield. The BGC-developed geomechanics and petrophysical analysis software as well as advanced interpretation and processing techniques have been widely used around the world.

    Group photo of the visit to BGC

    Mr. Xiaowei Qi graduated from the Department of Mechanics of the College of Engineering and is now working in BGC R & D Department. He shared his studying and working experience at Peking University and Schlumberger, and talked about his daily work and life. His fluid mechanics background, project experience and open positive attitude gave the students a deep impression and provided reference for the students.

    In the roundtable discussion session, the students briefly introduced their respective experiences and asked questions about Schlumberger business scope, operational management and individual career choice and development. In response to these questions, the professionals gave detailed answers and suggestions. Finally, the participants toured BGC's working environment and the wireline lab.

    Visit to the wireline laboratory

    Through this event, the COE students learned more about the background knowledge of the oil exploration industry and felt the unique concept and ways of thinking of Schlumberger. The students expressed their gratitude to the "Industrial Mentors Program" for providing opportunities to get to know enterprises.