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  • [ July 18, 2011]

    The 2nd Industrial Board holds its 4th meeting

  • The Peking University College of Engineering's 2nd Industrial Board held its 4th meeting on July 9 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

    Presided over by Yaowen Wu, the board chairman, the meeting gathered over 100 attendees including the board members, professors and leaders from Peking University and the College of Engineering, Zhejiang provincial leaders and Zhejiang entrepreneurs.

    The 4th Meeting of the 2nd Industrial Board of the College of Engineering

    Executive Vice Chairman Shiyi Chen, also the dean of the College of Engineering, gave a report on COE’s development from July 2010 to date.

    A new department was established in the College of Engineering in 2010 – the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which now comprises nine faculty members. New research areas include magnetic functional materials, piezoelectric motors, vision impairment restoration, intelligent assistive limbs and technology of production of ethanol from soft biomass. The number of total faculty members increased to 106, including two academicians and 18 NSF Outstanding Young Researchers.

    Research grants at COE increased from 79 million RMB in 2009 to 110 million RMB in 2010, while donations from companies, alumni, foundations and private persons amounted to 98,794,000 RMB. Having established partnerships with over 50 world renowned universities, COE was also promoting global education for its 830 students, with a goal of ensuring a semester of foreign studies for each student. In terms of industrial cooperation, new relationships were established in the last year with five companies, including Defa Construction Group, in the form of joint institutes and endowment.

    Group Photo

    In terms of the significance of this meeting, Chen pointed out that it was the first time that the board meeting was held outside of Beijing in Zhejiang province and incorporated discussion with Zhejiang entrepreneurs. As an influential group both domestic and abroad, Zhejiang entrepreneurs have made tremendous contributions to the economic development in Zhejiang and China overall. Potential cooperation with them will definitely promote technology transfer and industrialization processes of the research in COE, according to Chen.

    After hearing the report, present board members expressed their views, noting the rapid development COE has made over the last year. Board members said they hoped to further their collaborations with the school.

    In the afternoon, the Symposium on “PKU-Zhejiang” Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnership was held. Assistant Dean Duoxiang Wang reported on the ongoing partnership projects in the College of Engineering.