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  • [ August 23, 2011]

    Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) holds graduates summer school

  • The BME Department held a summer school session for national graduate students majoring in biomedical engineering on July 15-25 at Peking University with support from the university’s Education Innovation Program for Graduate Students.

    At the opening ceremony, BME Department Chair Qiushi Ren warmly welcomed the students. He introduced the frontier research areas in biomedical engineering saying he believed the graduate students form a talent reserve for future outstanding and innovative scholars and experts. He pointed out that the summer school is an effort by the BME department to discover more creativity and broaden international horizons to meet the demands of the modern healthcare and medical devices industries.

    Ren speaks on the opening ceremony

    Over 70 graduate students, early career faculty and some senior undergraduates attended the school for 11 days. The program included 1) lectures and seminars on the frontier research areas in the field of biomedical engineering; 2) A Capstone course on the design practice in biomedical projects; and 3) field trips to Peking University Third Hospital and the Research and Development Center at General Electric Company (GE). Moreover, many Peking University alumni who now teach at Georgia Institute of Technology, Columbia University and UC Berkeley helped supervise the program.


    Program lectures

    Capstone Course

    At the closing ceremony, Capstone Design student teams presented their work before a judging panel and received assessments before they were awarded  certificates by professors from the BME Department.

    Closing ceremony