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  • [ July 30, 2011]

    Workshop on Biomechanics and Computational Medicine successfully held

  • The Inaugural Peking University Advanced Workshop on Biomechanics and Computational Medicine (BCM’2011) was successfully held at Peking University Lakeview International Conference Center in July 20-23, 2011.

    Jointly organized by the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering of the College of Engineering at Peking University, the Workshop featured 8 prestigious professors from both overseas and China as invited faculty. The one of its kind workshop provided a unique platform for young faculty and researchers in biomedical engineering to learn frontier research progress first hand from top leaders in the field. It also created unprecedented opportunities for young scientists to network with top experts and advance in their career path.



    Professor X. Edward Guo

    Professor X. Edward Guo, director of the Bone Bioengineering Laboratory (BBL) at Columbia University and chair of this workshop delivered the opening speech.  “Biomechanics is one of the pioneer research areas at Peking University.” Said Professor Guo, “In 1980s and 1990s, Professor Wang-Yi Wu has pioneered biomechanics research in China and educated a large number of young scholars. Currently, many of them have become prominent professors and leaders in the field of biomedical engineering, with 13 in the U.S. and over 40 around the world. As alumni of the Biomechanics Group of Peking University, we are eager to contribute to educating the next generation of young scholars in China.”

    Professor Wang-Yi Wu, Gongbi Wen and Shu Chien

    In order to acknowledge the great achievement of Professor Wang-Yi Wu to biomechanics research and education, the College of Engineering at Peking University established the “Wu Wang-Yi Distinguished Achievement Lecture in Biomechanics”, and conferred the first award to Professor Shu Chien on BCM’s opening ceremony. Professor Chien now works for the University of California at San Diego, and is member of National Academy of Science, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

    In the following three days, trainees attended 8 presentations on topics including Engineering Biomaterials and Stem Cells for Vascular Regeneration, Malecular Engineering and Live Cell Imaging in Mechanobiology given by invited speakers from leading universities, such as UC Berkeley and Duke University. Each presentation involved three 60-minute sessions. The first session was a general introduction of the topic, followed by an interactive discussion regarding the topics.  The final session was a discussion of real life experience of one specific project of the faculty, such as how the research ideas were perceived, how the initial infrastructure/funding was secured, what the struggles of the project were, how the breakthroughs of the project were achieved, and what was the future of the project. 

    After the intensive training in three full days, 17 trainees successfully completed the courses and received official certificates from the Peking University College of Engineering. According to the organization committee, the second workshop will be held in 2013.