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  • [ December 23, 2019]

    Bio-inspired smart soft materials

  • Speaker:
    Songshan Zeng
    Dec. 25, 2019
    Room 212, COE Building No.1
    Haifeng Yu
  • Abstract
  • Smart soft materials, capable of changing optical properties and/or demonstrating shape reconfiguration as exposed to external stimuli, have attracted tremendous research interest. Since mother nature has demonstrated numerous intriguing samples in this field, three studies on smart materials learned from natural life will be present in this talk. (1) Inspired by the display tactics in marine life, we developed a deformation-controlled surface-engineering approach via strain-dependent micro-cracks and folds to realize a broad range of mechanochromic devices with high sensitivity and reversibility. (2) Mimicing the wrinkling on the wet finger, we also realized three types of moisture-responsive wrinkled devices through a single film–substrate system. (3) Inspired by the remarkable shape adaptivity demonstrated in various biological systems, a stretchable, 3D tubular structure formed due to processing-induced wrinkles is proposed as a platform for adaptive stretchable electronics.
  • Biography
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Connecticut, 2018 to date
    Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 2018
    M.E. Sun Yat-sen University, 2012
    B.S. Sun Yat-sen University, 2009