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  • [ June 24, 2019]

    Modeling Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical Processes in Enhanced or Engineered Geothermal Systems

  • Speaker:
    Yu-Shu Wu
    June 24, 2019
    Room 210, 2nd Teaching Building
    Yuan Di
  • Abstract
  • In this talk, we will present a THM model/simulator (TOUGH2-EGS) and its application for simulation of EGS reservoirs. The simulator couples heat flow with geomechanics, which is able to describe complex fluid and heat flow behavior in multiphase, multi-component, geothermal reservoirs. In this model, the fully coupled fluid and heat flow-geomechanics formulation is developed from the linear elastic theory for the poro-elastic system. The rock compaction is then correlated with stress-and temperature dependent rock properties through the flow-stress coupling process. We will present several simulation examples for insight of geomechanics impacts on fluid and heat flow processes in EGS reservoirs.
  • Biography
  • Yu-Shu Wu is a professor, Foundation CMG Reservoir Modeling Chair, and director of Energy Modeling Group (EMG) research center in the Petroleum Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), USA. He is a fellow of the Geological Society of America. At CSM, he teaches and carries out research in reservoir engineering, multiphase fluid and heat flow, geomechanics, unconventional oil and gas reservoir dynamics, CO2 geosequestration and EOR, geothermal engineering, and numerical reservoir simulation. He leads the EMG in its research effort in (1) modeling Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical processes; (2) coupled processes of multiphase fluid and heat flow, geomechanics, and chemical transport in porous and fractured media; (3) CO2 sequestration and EOR application; (4) improved formation stimulation/cryogenic fracturing technologies; and (5) advanced reservoir-simulation technologies. Previously, he was a staff scientist with the Earth Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for 14 years (1995–2008). During his career, he has authored or coauthored 120+ peer-reviewed journal papers and 17 peer-reviewed books/chapters as well as more than 70 SPE papers.