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  • [ July 07, 2018]

    Nanofluidics: A New Arena for Materials Science

  • Speaker:
    Yan Xu
    Saturday, July 7, 2018
    Room 314, Mechanics Building
    Haifeng Yu
  • Abstract
  • A significant growth of research in nanofluidics is achieved over the past decade, but the field is still facing considerable challenges toward the transition from the current physics-centered stage to the next application-oriented stage. To conquer these challenges, we established a technology called “nano-in-nano integration”, which allows the integration of a variety of functional (eg., fluidic, electrical, optical, thermal, magnetic, chemical and biological) components in tiny nanofluidic channels. The nano-in-nano integration technology opens up a new arena to exploit chemistry, biology, and materials science at femtoliter, attoliter, single-nanoparticle, and single-molecule scales through nanofluidics, as demonstrated by us in our recent works which will be presented in this talk.
  • Biography
  • Yan Xu is an Associate Professor (tenured) and the principal investigator of the Nanofluidics Lab at Osaka Prefecture University, Japan. He received his bachelor’s degree (2001) from Dalian University of Technology and his master’s degree (2004) from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He completed his Ph.D. (2007) at the University of Tokyo. Research in his group is directed toward the use of nanofluidic devices for chemistry, biology, and materials science at femtoliter, attoliter, and single molecule scales. His research group continues to involve the study and development of novel nanofluidic methods for single cell omics, single molecule chemistry, biomaterials, and nanomedicine He has recently (co-) authored over 60 micro-/nanofluidics-related papers in Adv. Mater., Small, Biomaterials, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, Lab Chip, etc., with seven papers featured on the covers of the journals. He has been invited to write reviews for Adv. Mater. and other top journals. He has also delivered many invited talks (eg., 25+ after 2015) and received several awards from Japan, USA, and China.