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Chi Zhu
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science
College of Engineering, Peking University
  • Office Add: Room 2325, Ziyuan West Building
  • Email: chi.zhu


Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, August 2018

Vanderbilt University, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, June 2014

University of Science and Technology of China, B.Eng. in Thermal Science and Energy Engineering, July 2012, Graduated with the highest distinction


Peking University                                                                                      June 2021 – Present

Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science

Assistant Professor

University of California, Berkeley                                                             September 2018 – May 2021

Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Areas

cardiovascular biomechanics, biomedical flows, fluid-structure interaction, multiphysics modeling, immersed-boundary method, finite-element method, numerical methods, high-performance computing.

Research Profile

In our lab, we use multiphysics computational modeling to advance our understanding of cardiovascular diseases and to improve diagnosis and treatment. Our research focuses on two topics: (1) developing advanced numerical methods and high-performance computational tools; (2) applying these tools to study the multiphysics process in the cardiovascular system.

We currently have several openings for Postdocs, PhD and ungraduated students. Please contact us via email for more information.


We seek highly motivated graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and undergraduate students interested in computational physics, biofluids and cardiac mechanics to join our group.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Zhu (chi.zhu for more information. 

For international students, we have English-Taught Ph.D. programs. Please refer to the university website for more information:

Professional Honors and Awards

American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship                                       2020

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Editors’ Choice Papers                          2020

(Top ten papers published in the journal during 2019)

Corrsin-Kovasznay Outstanding Paper Award, Johns Hopkins University        2018

Department Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University                                           2014

Guo Moruo Scholarship, USTC                                                                           2012

Selected Publications

ResearchGate Profile


Chi Zhu*, Vijay Vedula*, Dave Parker, Nathan Wilson, Shawn Shadden, Alison Marsden, “svFSI: A Multiphysics Package for Integrated Cardiac Modeling”. Journal of Open Source Software, 7.78 (2022): 4118. (* equal contribution)


Chi Zhu, Jung-Hee Seo, Rajat Mittal, “Computational Modeling of Aortic Stenosis through a Simple Valve Model”.  Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 144.3 (2022).


Chi Zhu, Jung-Hee Seo, Rajat Mittal, “A Graph-Partitioned Sharp-Interface Immersed Boundary Solver for Efficient Solution of Internal Flows” Journal of Computational Physics 386 (2019): 37-46.


Chi Zhu, Jung-Hee Seo, Rajat Mittal, “Computational Modeling and Analysis of Murmurs Generated by Modeled Aortic Stenoses” Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 141.4 (2019): 041007. (Selected as one of the JBME Editors’ Choice Papers for 2019)


Chi Zhu, Jung-Hee Seo, Rajat Mittal, “Computational Modeling and Analysis of Hemodynamics in a Simple Model of Aortic Stenosis” Journal of Fluid Mechanics 851 (2018): 23-49. (Received Corrsin-Kovasznay Outstanding Paper Award)


Chi Zhu, Jung-Hee Seo, Hani Bakhshaee, Rajat Mittal, “A Computational Method for Analyzing the Biomechanics of Arterial Bruits” Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 139.5 (2017): 051008.


Jung-Hee Seo, Hani Bakhshaee, Guillaume Garreau, Chi Zhu, Andreas Andreou, William R Thompson, Rajat Mittal, “A Method for the Computational Modeling of the Physics of Heart Murmurs” Journal of Computational Physics 336 (2017): 546-568.