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Aming Li
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Department of Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics, College of Engineering, Peking University
Co-PI, Beijing Innovation Center for Engineering Science and Advanced Technology, Peking University
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  • July 2017  Ph.D., Peking University, General Mechanics and Foundation of Mechanics
  • June 2011  Bachelor, Zhejiang University of Technology, Information and Computing Science

Professional Experience

2020-Present  Assistant Professor at Department of Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics, College of Engineering, Peking University

2018-2020, University of Oxford, Postdoctoral Fellow (Kevin Foster Lab)

2017-2018, ETH Zurich, Postdoctoral Research Associate (Frank Schweitzer Lab, Chair of Systems Design)

2015-2017, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Visiting Student (Jeff Gore Lab)

2014-2017, Northeastern University (USA), Visiting Research Scholar (Albert-László Barabási Lab, Center for Complex Network Research)

Research Areas

Collective Systems Dynamics, Intelligent Control, Network Control, Evolutionary Game Theory, Systems Stability

Open Positions

We are continuously looking for Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral researchers with interdisciplinary background, particularly in mathematics, systems dynamics, network science and computer science. If you are doing research related to our research topics/papers, please send me your CV and personal statement directly.

Selected Professional Honors and Awards

Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship Award (International Human Frontier Science Program)

Selected Professional Activities

Guest editor at Advances in Complex Systems (Organizer for the topical issue on Network Dynamics and Control)

Invited reviewer for over 10 international journals including: PNAS, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, New Journal of Physics, IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, etc

Selected Recent Publications

1. A. Li, S. Cornelius, Y.-Y. Liu, L. Wang and A.-L. Barabási. The fundamental advantages of temporal networks. Science 358, 1042-1046 (2017).

2. A. Li, L. Zhou, Q. Su, S. Cornelius, Y.-Y. Liu, L. Wang and S. A. Levin. Evolution of cooperation on temporal networks. Nature Communications 11, 2259 (2020).

3. A. Li, M. Broom, J. Du and L. Wang. Evolutionary dynamics of general group interactions in structured populations. Physical Review E 93, 022407 (2016).

4. A. Li and Y.-Y. Liu. Controlling network dynamics. Advances in Complex Systems 22, 1950021 (2019). (Review)

5. A. Limdi, A. Pérez-Escudero, A. Li and J. Gore. Asymmetric migration decreases stability but increases resilience in a heterogeneous metapopulation. Nature Communications 9, 2969 (2018).

6. Y. Zhang, J. Liu and A. Li*. Effects of empathy on the evolution of fairness in group-structured populations. Complexity 2019, 2915020 (2019).

7. Q. Su, A. Li, L. Wang and H. E. Stanley. Spatial reciprocity in the evolution of cooperation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286, 20190041 (2019).