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Xiaojie Duan
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Peking University
Beijing 100871
People's Republic of China
  • Office Add: Room 806, Wangkezhen Building
  • OfficeTel: +86-10-62745972
  • Email:
Educational Background
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard University, 2007-2013
  • Ph.D., Peking University, 2007
  • B.S., Lanzhou University, 2002

Areas of Research
Nano-neurotechnologies, Nano-bioelectronics, neurological biomaterials, brain-electrode interface, soft neural implants, multimodal neural interfacing

Selected Awards

  • The NSFC Award for Excellent Young Scholar, 2014.
  • National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award” from Ministry of Education, China (2009)

Selected Research Publications
  1. R. Yin, Z. Xu, M. Mei, Z. Chen, K. Wang, Y. Liu, T. Tang, M. Priydarshi, X. Meng, S. Zhao, B. Deng, H. Peng, Z. Liu, X. Duan*, “Soft transparent graphene contact lens electrode for conformal, full-cornea recording of electroretinogram”, Nat. Commun., 9:2334 (2018).
  1. J. Zhang, X. Liu, W. Xu, W. Luo, M. Li, F. Chu, L. Xu, A. Cao, J. Guan, S. Tang, X. Duan*, “Stretchable Transparent Electrode Arrays for Simultaneous Electrical and Optical Interrogation of Neural Circuits in Vivo”, Nano Lett., 18, 2903-2911 (2018).
  1. S. Zhao, X. Liu, Z. Xu, H. Ren, B. Deng, M. Tang, L. Lu, X. Fu, H. Peng, Z. Liu, X. Duan*, “Graphene Encapsulated Copper Microwires as Highly MRI Compatible Neural Electrodes”, Nano Lett., 16, 7731-7738 (2016)
  1. X. Duan*, C. M. Lieber*, “Nanoscience and the nano-bioelectronics frontier”, Nano Research 8, 1-22 (2015)
  1. T.-M. Fu, X. Duan*, Z. Jiang, X. Dai, P. Xie, Z. Cheng, C. M. Lieber* “Sub-10-nm intracellular bioelectronic probes from nanowire–nanotube heterostructures”, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 111, 1259-1264 (2014)
  1. X. Duan*, T.-M. Fu, J. Liu, C. M. Lieber*, “Nanoelectronics-biology frontier: From nanoscopic probes for action potential recording in live cells to three-dimensional cyborg tissues”, Nano Today, 8, 351-373 (2013).
  1. X. Duan*, C. M. Lieber*, “Nanoelectronics meets biology: from novel nanoscale devices for live cell recording to 3D innervated tissues”, Chem. Asian J. 8, 2304-2314 (2013).
  1. X. Duan, R. Gao, P. Xie, T. Cohen-Karni, Q. Qing, H. Choe, B. Tian, X. Jiang, C. M. Lieber*, “Intracellular recordings of action potentials by an extracellular nanoscale field-effect transistor”, Nature Nanotech., 7, 174-179 (2012).
  1. B. Tian, T. Cohen-Karni, Q. Qing, X. Duan, P. Xie, C. M. Lieber*, "Three-dimensional, flexible nanoscale field-effect transistors as localized bioprobes", Science, 329, 831-834 (2010).