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Shaojun Guo
Ph.D., Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The Beijing Innovation Center for Engineering Science and Advanced Technology (BIC-ESAT)
Peking University
Beijing 100871, China
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Highly Cited Researcher (2014-2020; Materials/Chemistry)

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2005 – 2011, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences (Advisor: Profs. Erkang Wang)

2001 – 2005, B.S., College of Chemistry, Jilin University

Professional Experience

    2021 – Present, Full Professor with Tenure, School of Materials Science and Engineering, and College of Engineering, Peking University.

    2019 – 2020, Associate Professor with Early Tenure, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University.

2016 – Present, PI, BIC-ESAT, College of Engineering, Peking University.

2015 –2018, Tenure Track Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University.

2013 – 2015, J. Robert Oppenheimer Distinguished Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

2011 – 2013, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemistry Department, Brown University. Advisor: Prof. Shouheng Sun  

Research Interests

Nanochemistry for Metal, Carbon and Semiconductor Nanomaterials

Nanoenergy (Fuel Cells, Batteries and Artificial Photosynthesis)

Nanomaterials-based Analytical Sensors

Multi-functional Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging

Honors & Awards

2020. China Youth Science and Technology Award

2020. National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

2019. Xplorer Prize

2019. Chinese Chemical Society-Royal Society of Chemistry Young Chemist Award

2019. Mao Yisheng Beijing Youth Science and Technology Award

2019. Elesiver-Energy Chem Young Scienst Award

2018. Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2018. Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship

2018. Beijing Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholar

2018. Elsevier Chinese Most Cited Researchers

2018. Young Analyst Prize of China

2018. Huangtingfang/Xinhe Distinguished Young Scholar

2017. Elsevier Chinese Most Cited Researchers

2017. Young Scientist Prize for China Electrochemical Society

2016. Internationl Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)-Elsevier Prize for Applied Electrochemistry

2014. The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, China

2013. J. Robert Oppenheimer Distinguished Fellowship (Los Alamos National Lab)

2012. Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Awards of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010. Lindau Fellow

Editorial Activies and Society Affilication

2020-present, Editorial Board Member, Green Energy & Environment

2020-present, Editorial Board Member, eScience

2020-present, Advisory Board Member, Chemical Communications

2020-present, Editorial Board Member, Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica

2019. Guest Editor, Advanced Energy Materials

2019. Guest Editor, Small Methods

2017. Guest Editor, Green Energy and Environment

2019-present, Editorial Board Member, Science Bulletin

2018-present, Associate Editor, ACS Omega

2018-present, Editorial Board Member, Science China Materials

2018-present, Editorial Board Member, EnergyChem

2018-present, Editorial Board Member, Nano Materials Science

2017-present, Associate Editor, Chinese Chemical Letters

2017-present, Editorial Board Member, Journal of Energy Chemistry

2017-present, Editorial Board Member, Rare Metals

2016-present, Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports

2016-present, Editorial Board Member, International Academy of Electrochemical Energy Science

2017-present, Deputy Secretary, Chinese Materials Research Society

Member, Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)

Member, American Chemical Society (ACS)

Member, Materials Research Society (MRS)

20 Representative Publications

  1. Mingchuan Luo, Zhonglong Zhao, Yelong Zhang, Yingjun Sun, Yi Xing, Fan Lv, Yong Yang, Xu Zhang, Sooyeon Hwang, Yingnan Qin, Jing-Yuan Ma, Fei Lin, Dong Su, Gang Lu and Shaojun Guo*, Bimetallene for Oxygen Reduction Catalysis, Nature, 2019, 574, 81.
  2. Lingzheng Bu, Nan Zhang, Shaojun Guo*, Xu Zhang, Jing Li, Jianlin Yao, Tao Wu, Gang Lu, Jing-Yuan Ma, Dong Su,* and Xiaoqing Huang*, Biaxially Strained PtPb/Pt Core/Shell Nanoplate Boosts Oxygen Reduction Catalysis, Science, 2016, 354, 1410.
  3. Mingchuan Luo and Shaojun Guo*, Strain-Controlled Electrocatalysis on Multimetallic Nanomaterials, Nature Reviews Materials, 2017, 2, 17059.
  4. Peng Zhou, Qinghua Zhang, Zhikun Xu, Qiuyu Shang, Liang Wang, Yuguang Chao, Yiju Li, Hui Chen, Fan Lv, Qing Zhang, Lin Gu and Shaojun Guo*, Atomically dispersed Co-P3 on CdS nanorods with electron-rich feature boosts photocatalysis, Advanced Materials, 2020, 32, 1904249.
  5. Xiaoxiao Ge, Peng Zhou, Qinghua Zhang, Zhonghong Xia, Shulin Chen, Peng Gao, Zhe Zhang, Lin Gu, Shaojun Guo*, Palladium Single Atoms on TiO2 as a Photocatalytic Sensing Platform for Analyzing the Organophosphorus Pesticide Chlorpyrifos, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, 232.
  6. Yuguang Chao, Peng Zhou, Na Li, Jianping Lai, Yong Yang, Yelong Zhang, Yonghua Tang, Wenxiu Yang, Yaping Du, Dong Su, Yisheng Tan, and Shaojun Guo*, Ultrathin Visible-light Driven Mo–incorporation In2O3-ZnIn2Se4 Z-scheme Nanosheet Photocatalysts, Advanced Materials, 2019, 31, 1807226.
  7. Jianping Lai, Bolong Huan, Yuguang Chao, Xu Chen and Shaojun Guo*, Strongly Coupled Nickel-Cobalt Nitrides/Carbon Hybrid Nanocages with Pt-like Activity for Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis, Advanced Materials, 2019, 31, 1805541.
  8. Weiyu Zhang, Yong Yang, Bolong Huang, Fan Lv, Kai Wang, Na Li, Mingchuan Luo, Yingjie Li, Yingjun Sun, Zhikun Xu, Yingnan Qin, Wenxiu Yang, Jinhui Zhou, Yaping Du, Dong Su, Shaojun Guo*, Ultrathin PtNiM (M = Rh, Os and Ir) Nanowires as Efficient Fuels Oxidation Electrocatalytic Materials, Advanced Materials, 2019, 31, 1805833.
  9. Peng Zhou, Ning Li, Yuguang Chao, Weiyu Zhang, Fan Lv, Kai Wang, Wenxiu Yang, Peng Gao, Shaojun Guo*, Themolysis of noble metal nanoparticle into electron-rich phosphorus-coordinated noble metal single atoms at low temperature, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58, 14184.
  10. Dongxiao Ji, Li Fan, Lu Tao, Yingjun Sun, Menggang Li, Guorui Yang, Thang Q. Tran, Seeram Ramakrishna, Shaojun Guo*, The Kirkendall Effect for Engineering Oxygen Vacancy of Hollow Co3O4 Nanoparticles toward High-Performance Portable Zinc-Air Batteries, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58, 13840.
  11. Wenxiu Yang, Jinhui Zhou, Shuo Wang, Weiyu Zhang, Zichen Wang, Fan Lv, Kai Wang, Qiang Sun and Shaojun Guo*, Freestanding film made by necklace-like N-doped hollow carbon with hierarchical pores for high-performance potassium-ion storage, Energy Environmental Science, 2019, 12, 1605.
  12. Zhonghong Xia, Shaojun Guo*, Strain Engineering of Metal Nanomaterials for Energy Electrocatalysis, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2019, 48, 3265.
  13. Yiju Li, Yong Yang, Peng Zhou, Tingting Gao, Zhikun Xu, Shuangyan Lin, Hui Chen, Jinhui Zhou, Shaojun Guo*, Enhanced Cathode and Anode Materials Compatibility for Boosting Both Energy and Power Densities of Sodium/Potassium-Ion Hybrid Capacitors, Matter, 2019, 1, 893 (Cell Press).
  14. Jianping Lai, Bolong Huang,Yonghua Tang, Fei Lin, Peng Zhou, Xu Chen, Yingjun Sun, Fan Lv and Shaojun Guo*, Barrier-free Interface Electron Transfer on PtFe-Fe2C Janus–like Nanoparticles Boosts Oxygen Catalysis, Chem, 2018, 4, 1153 (Cell Press).
  15. Yong Yang, Mingchuan Luo, Weiyu Zhang, Yingjun Sun, Xu Chen, Shaojun Guo*, Metal Surface and Interface Energy Electrocatalysis: Fundamentals, Performance Engineering and Opportunities, Chem, 2018, 4, 2054 (Cell Press).
  16. Wei Wang, Bo Jiang, Chang Qian, Fan Lv, Jianrui Feng, Jinhui Zhou, Kai Wang, Chao Yang, Yong Yang and Shaojun Guo*, Pistachio-Shuck-Like MoSe2/C Core/Shell Nanostructures for High-Performance Potassium Ion Storage, Advanced Materials, 2018, 30, 1801812.
  17. Chao Yang, Jianrui Feng, Fan Lv, Jinhui Zhou, Chunfu Lin, Kai Wang, Yelong Zhang, Yong Yang, Wei Wang, Jianbao Li and Shaojun Guo*, Metallic Graphene-Like VSe2 Ultrathin Nanosheets: Superior Potassium-Ion Storage and their Working Mechanism, Advanced Materials, 2018, 30, 1800036.
  18. Mingchuan Luo, Yingjun Sun, Xu Zhang, Yingnan Qin, Mingqiang Li, Yingjie Li, Chunji Li, Yong Yang, Lei Wang, Peng Gao, Gang Lu and Shaojun Guo*, Stable High-index Faceted Pt Skin on Zigzag-like PtFe Nanowires Enhances Oxygen Reduction Catalysis Advanced Materials, 2018, 30, 1705515.
  19. Yong Yang, Mingchuan Luo, Yi Xing, Shitong Wang, Weiyu Zhang, Fan Lv, Yingjie Li, Yelong Zhang, Wei Wang and Shaojun Guo*, A Universal Strategy for Hierarchical Hollow Nanospheres with Intimately Coupled Carbon Nanosheets and MoM Nanocrystals (M=P, S, C, O) for Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis and Sodium Ion Storage, Advanced Materials, 2018, 30, 1706085.
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