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Shuixiang Li
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science
College of Engineering, Peking University
  • OfficeTel: +86-10-62753603
  • Email:

Education Background

1996  Ph.D. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), China
1993  M. Eng Department of Aircraft Engineering, NUAA, China
1990  B. Eng Department of Aircraft Engineering, NUAA, China

Professional Experience

2000-Present  Associate professor, Peking University, China
2014 Senior Research Scholar, Arizona State University, U.S.
2009-2010  Visiting Scholar, University of New South Wales, Australia
2000  Research associate, University of Akron, U.S.
1998-2000  Lecturer, Peking University, China
1996-1998  Post-doctoral fellow, Peking University, China

Research Areas and Interests

1.  Packings of non-spherical particles

2.  Mesh generation and deformation
3.  Numerical simulation, parallel/distributed computation


1.  Numerical analysis
2.  Soft computation
3.  Engineering CAD

Selected Publications

[1] Li S X*, Lu P, Jin W W, Meng L Y. Quasi-random packing of tetrahedra. Soft Matter, 2013, 9(39): 9298-9302

[2] Zhou X, Li S X*. A new mesh deformation method based on disk relaxation algorithm with pre-displacement and post-smoothing. Journal of Computational Physics, 2013, 235: 199-215

[3] Meng L Y, Li S X*, Lu P, Li T, Jin W W. Bending and elongation effects on the random packing of curved spherocylinders. Physical Review E, 2012, 86: 061309

[4] Zhao J, Li S X*, Jin W W, Zhou X. Shape effects on the random-packing density of tetrahedral particles. Physical Review E, 2012, 86: 031307

[5] Meng L Y, Lu P, Li S X*, Zhao J, Li T. Shape and size effects on the packing density of binary spherocylinders. Powder Technology, 2012, 228: 284-294

[6] Zhao J, Li S X*, Zou R P, Yu A B. Dense random packings of spherocylinders. Soft Matter, 2012, 8(4): 1003-1009

[7] Zhao J, Li S X*, Lu P, Meng L Y, Li T, Zhu H P. Shape influences on the packing density of frustums. Powder Technology, 2011, 214(3): 500-505

[8] Li S X*, Zhao J, Lu P, Xie Y. Maximum packing densities of basic 3D objects. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2010, 55(2): 114-119

[9] Li S X*, Qiao M G. A hybrid expert system for finite element modelling of fuselage frames. Expert Systems with Applications, 2003, 24(1): 87-93

[10] Li S X*. Global flexibility simulation and element stiffness simulation in finite element analysis with neural network. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2000, 186 (1): 101-108

* Corresponding author