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Yongmao Pei
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Mechanics & Engineering Science
College of Engineering, Peking University
  • Office Add: Beijing, 100871, China
  • OfficeTel: +86-10-62757417
  • Email:
Education Background
Sep, 2002-Jul. 2007   Ph.D, Department of engineering mechanics, Tsinghua University

Sep. 1998-Jul. 2002   B.S., Department of engineering mechanics, Tsinghua University

Professional Experience
Jul.2009-Present        Department of Mechanics & Aerospace, School of Engineering, Peking University.

Jul. 2007-Jul. 2009     Department of Applied Mechanics, School of Science, Beijing Institute of Technology, CHINA

Research Interests
1.  The multi-field coupled mechanics of Smart materials

2.  Fabrication and characterization of actuators, sensors, etc.

3.  Characterization of electromagnetic materials

Awards And Honors
National excellent dotoral dissertation

Selected Publications
[1]      Chen X, Xu XC, Ai SG, Chen HS, Pei YM, and Zhou XM?Active acoustic metamaterials with tunable effective mass density by gradient magnetic fields, Applied Physics Letters 105, 071913, 2014; doi: 10.1063/1.4893921

[2]      XU H, Pei YM, Fang DN, and Wang PD, Nonlinear harmonic distortion effect in magnetoelectric laminate composites, Applied Physics Letters, 105, 012904, 2014;

[3]      Yu ZJ, Mao WG, Li FX, Feng X, Pei YM, and Fang DN, Magnetic and electric bulge-test instrument for the determination of coupling mechanical properties of functional free-standing films and flexible electronics?Review of Scientific Instruments?85?6??065117, 2014

[4]      Zhou, H; Pei, YM; Fang, DN, Magnetic Field Tunable Small-scale Mechanical Properties of Nickel Single Crystals Measured by Nanoindentation Technique, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 4: 4583, 2014

[5]      Zhou, H; Pei, YM; Li FS, Luo HS, Fang, DN, Electric-field-tunable mechanical properties of relaxor ferroelectric single crystal measured by nanoindentation, Applied Physics Letters, 104(6), 061904,2014

[6]    Tang JD, Yu ZJ, Sun YY, Pei YM, and Fang DN, A bulge-induced dehydration failure mode of nanocomposite hydrogel, Applied Physics Letters, 103(16), 161903,2013

[7]    Zhou LC, Pei YM, Zhang RB and Fang DN, Method for Design of Dual-Band Flat Radome Wall Structure, AIAA Journal, 51(12), 2819-2822, 2013.

[8]    Zhou H, Pei YM, Huang H, Zhao HW, Li FX, and Fang DN*, Multi-field nanoindentation apparatus for measuring local mechanical properties of materials in external magnetic and electric field, Review of Scientific Instruments, 84:063906, 2013.

[9]    Hao F, Pei YM, and Fang DN*, The effects of interface misfit strain and surface tension on magnetoelectric effects in layered magnetostrictive-piezoelectric composites, Journal of Applied Physics, 114: 044109, 2013

[10]    Xu H, Pei YM, Fang DN, Ai SG, An energy-based dynamic loss hysteresis model for giant magnetostrictive materials, International Journal of Solids and Structures , 50(5):672-679,2013

[11]      Zhou LC, Pei YM, Zhang RB, Fang DN, Design for Broadband High-temperature Radome Wall with Graded Porous Structure, AIAA Journal, 50(9):1956-1963,2012